Susan Sarandon’s message to Parents, Teachers, & Students (AERO PSA)

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Susan Sarandon and AERO Executive Director Jerry Mintz

Hello to all the parents, students and teachers listening to this! I want to let you know that you have options in education if you are not happy with your present school. There are good public and private learner-centered schools and programs out there that will treat you and your child with respect. You do not have to put up with boredom or bullying. To find out more about these learner centered alternatives available to you, contact AERO, the Alternative Education Resource Organization at or call 1-800-769-4171. Don’t feel trapped in a school you don’t like. You do have educational options!

Promote learner-centered education by sharing our new PSA featuring Susan Sarandon with your local radio stations.

To get this great new PSA on the air, we need your help! You can e-mail the MP3 file and a press release to your local radio stations to make this happen.

Visit for instructions and to watch a slideshow set to the audio from the PSA.

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