AERO Conference Documentary (VIDEO)

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This is a short film by Franzi Florack of the 7th annual AERO conference, which took place in Albany, NY June 24-27, 2010. The theme of the conference was “Learner-centered alternatives for everyone.” Find out more about AERO conference and this year’s event in Portland, OR, “Transforming Education & Our World,” by visiting​conference.html

Herbert Kohl 2010 AERO Conference Keynote (VIDEO)

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Herbert Kohl

Herbert Kohl following his address to the 7th annual AERO conference at his home in Point Arena, CA

From conference director Isaac Graves:

In early June of this year, I had the pleasure of filming Herbert Kohl at his home in Point Arena, CA where he addressed the 7th annual AERO conference.  Below his you will find video of his address and answers to our members’ questions.  Herb has graciously agreed to answer any follow-up questions our attendees have (so comment away on this page!).  He sent along the following message prior to the conference:

“I want to send my greetings and support to everyone who will attend the AERO conference in Albany.  I believe gatherings like this as essential these days when decent, humane, creative, and compassionate education is marginalized and. In many places rooted out.  It was my intention to be with you and unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances I will not be traveling for a while.  However I want to express my solidarity with you and hope the meeting results in renewed energy to keep the struggle for decent education alive.”

Here are the twelve questions Herb answered during the Q&A session of his talk:

1)      What in your early learning experience set the foundation (perspectives, practices, etc.) that you have today about learning and teaching?

2)      Is public education in America still worth fighting for or should we concentrate (without totally giving up on) private school alternatives?

3)      What does Mr. Kohl think of the one-size-fits-all, standardized curriculum, extensive testing phase that our educational system is in now?

4)      What do you advise as schools like Jefferson County Open School face increasing pressure to perform on the state tests?

5)      What can parents or family of students in the public school do to better support their learning in spite of the current environment?

6)      Why do you think African Americans are not generally involved in alternative schools? …and is there hope that they will be a part of the effort to advance the development of public and private learning alternatives and part of the advancement and development of a desegregated and socio-economically diverse national movement of unconventional approaches to education which will help all students in our American schools?

7)      What do you see as the potential in the next decade for the educational alternatives movement to grow beyond its current status to a much larger movement, in light of the Obama administration’s reactionary educational policies?

8)      What do you think about the attitude that some education activists have regarding home schoolers and private alternative schoolers depleting the public school system of good students?

9)      Do you think that the work of homeschoolers and alternative schoolers are helping the public school system by creating good models?

10)  What would it take to truly train learning facilitators who will be courageous enough to liberate students to learn?

11)  What are some proven and effective ways of “teaching” character and social justice to people of all ages?

12)  In your essay in Turning Points, you mentioned how you are considering doing a book about the role sports plays in the psychological and social development of youngsters.  In brief, what is the role and what is a school’s responsibility in facilitating it?

Herbert Kohl is the author of more than forty books, including the bestselling classic 36 Children. A recipient of the National Book Award and the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award, he was founder and first director of the Teachers & Writers Collaborative in New York City. He was just awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and his most recent publication is The Herb Kohl Reader.

Herb recently contributed to AERO’s new book, Turning Points: 35 Visionaries in Education Tell Their Own Stories.

Join us at the 8th annual AERO conference this year, “Transforming Education & Our World,” where Deborah Meier, Linda Stout, Riane Eisler, Melia Dicker, and Khalif Williams will keynote!

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Mending the Broken Mirror: Education for Resiliency and Restoration (Pt. 2)

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Khalif Williams, Executive Director of the Institute for Humane Education, is passionate about building the social movement toward just and sustainable societies through education.. He has been working in the arena of social change and education for over 14 years and has served as a consultant on a variety of educational and non-profit projects.

Khalif will be speaking again at AERO conference 2010.  Visit for more information.

Mending the Broken Mirror: Education for Resiliency and Restoration (Khalif Williams Keynote, Pt. 1/2)

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Khalif Williams is the Executive Director of the Institute for Humane Education (IHE). Since 1996 IHE has trained hundreds of humane educators through its certificate and degree programs, workshops, presentations, publications and website. By implementing Mr. Williams’ and IHE’s unique cooperative and collaborative ideals, IHE trainees have touched hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

In 1994, Khalif began working for racial equity in higher education by helping establish a minority mentoring/college preparatory program at Roger Williams University, where he earned his B.A. in Philosophy. He has also served as a counselor and crisis interventionist at a residential treatment facility for mentally ill/emotionally disturbed adolescent boys, and spent several years working for an urban homeless/runaway shelter for teens.

Khalif will again be a featured presenter at AERO conference this year.  Visit conference.html to find out more.

Through his work with young people and as an advocate for the humane treatment of animals, Khalif developed and conducted dozens of highly successful humane education programs for all ages on issues ranging from the environment to domestic violence, consumerism and the media to factory farming. These experiences and concerns led Khalif to an IHE workshop in 2001, where IHE’s philosophies inspired him to make humane education his life’s work.

Keynote Topic:

“Mending the Broken Mirror: Education for Resiliency and Restoration”

Keynote Summary:

What is education for? Given the escalating ethical, economic, political, and environmental challenges of our time, young people need far more than education for jobs. They must be on the forefront of solving complex, interconnected issues through their careers, volunteerism, and involvement in system-changing. Their education must be worthy of their imagination, talents, and intelligence and help them acquire the knowledge, tools, and motivation to be fully engaged, hopeful, and fulfilled citizens in the unfolding of a peaceful, sustainable and humane world for all.

Educating for a Better World (free video)

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A workshop featuring Khalif Williams, Ron Miller, and Sally Carless at the 2008 AERO conference.


You can order this workshop online at:

Which Free Video Should We Feature Next?

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2008 Khalif Williams AERO Conference Keynote Video (free, one hour)

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Khalif Williams is Executive Director of the Institute for Humane Education.  Find out more about the institute at  You can support AERO by purchasing our products (over 200 great education books!) online at  Khalif’s talk can be found directly at

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