Lifted by the Heart (BOOK)

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Lifted by the Heart

Lifted by the Heart

Writings from Option

Journal of Folk Education Association of America

Edited by Chris Spicer

Table of Contents:

The Becoming of a People, N.F.S. Grudtvig

Dedication, Mary Cattani

Foreword: A Story of Folk Education in North America, Chris Spicer

Selected Editorials, Kar Parke
Life’s Education, N.F.S. Grundtvig
Sing Appalachia, Johannes Knudsen
The Hodja and the Pulpit, Traditional
Between the Poets and the People, John Ramsay

The Roots of Folk Education
Peace-Clay, John Ramsay
Grundtvig in My Experience, Johannes Knudsen
How I Became a Folk School Teacher, Christian Kold
Det Folkelighe, Albert Haugesund On Firing the Smoke-toned Pot, Naoma Powell

Folk Education in North America
An Open Letter to the Poets of America, Leonard Randolph
Folk College Initiatives by Danish Immigrants in America, Otto Hoiberg
In Debt to Heritage, Elise Hermansen Olsen
Farmin’ Land, Chuck Floro
Adapting the Danish Folk School Idea to the United States, Chester A. Graham
The Clearing, Patricia A. Takemoto
Highlander Folk School, Myles Horton
Mountain Heritage, Don West
Culture: The Roots of Community Spirit, Jane Sapp
John & Olive Campbell, Pioneer Educators, Loyal Jones
Arthur E. Morgan, Grundtvig, and Education for Life, Griscom Morgan
Royce Pitkin: Founder of Goddard College, Evalyn Bates
Testimony, Don West
Residential Adult Education: A Canadian Memoir, R. Alex Sims
The Antigonish Movement and Its Team, Kay Parke
A Call for Diversity, Jonie Kristensen
The Story of Audubon Expedition Institute, Collen O’Connell & Louis Carl
The Story of Plaza Resolana, Kathleen Jimenez

Reflections on Folk Education
To Be a Folk School Teacher, Frederick Christensen
From Ideas to Everyday Practice, Johan Norbeck
The Folk College in America, Kay Parke
Folk Education: An Historical Perspective of FEAA, John Ramsay
Folk Education in the United States Today, Chris Spicer
Folk, Folkelighed, and Folk Education, Peter Siegle
N.F.S. Grundtvig’s International Influence on Education, Per Himmelstrup
The Archer and the Arrow, Traditional

Afterword, Chris Spicer

Author Biographies


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Chris Spicer’s love of folk education is rooted in his early work in residential outdoor education programs in the early 1970s. His subscequent work has included a variety of experiential learning programs involving children and adults. He was the Education Director at the John C. Campbel Folk School (North Carolina) in the early 1980s and he led the Folk Education Association of America from 1989-2002.

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